CoRBA Coalition of Resident and Business Associations Melbourne Heritage CoRBA members share a commitment to safeguarding what makes Melbourne the beautiful and architecturally significant city it is. Consultation CoRBA Melbourne believes that the lack of democratic processes in Melbourne council denies residents and businesses the opportunity to participate Democracy CoRBA’s primary focus is for electoral reform so that ratepayer’s, business’s and resident’s rights are restored

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represents community and business groups in the City of Melbourne.

Our Mission

The primary goal of CoRBA Melbourne is to bring democracy, equitable representation and good governance to the City of Melbourne.


The residents and ratepayers in Melbourne are unique in the State in being without fair and equitable local Government representation. Unlike all other Victorian municipalities, the City of Melbourne Act means there is no provision for a periodic review of the electoral system. Our governance is flawed and vulnerable to fraud and has been so over successive elections.
The State Government remains intransigent on the over-due reform of the governance of our Council, and has repeatedly ignored the wishes of Council and the community to review our democratic rights .

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Our Issues

Issues common to all member organisations are

CoRBA Melbourne calls for:

‣Review of the Council electoral system
‣Genuine community consultation with our Council
‣Forums at which the community can raise, discuss and speak on issues of shared concern.
‣The Council to effectively and inclusively disseminate information about decision making and processes