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Melbourne Electoral Review 2012

The Electoral System Review sought to evaluate the appropriateness and feasibility of implementing a procedure to review the City of Melbourne‘s electoral system.

Stakeholder Opinions

The term City of Melbourne stakeholder is expansive and subjective, and consideration had to be given to parties’ accessibility in terms of conducting research Stakeholders include the views of competing parties that have the potential to become central stakeholders; the State Opposition and a deputy lord mayoral candidate.

Discussions also canvassed positions on specific reforms to the municipality’s electoral system. Where appropriate this information is included as a reference to informally outline the scope required of any potential review, but in keeping with the report’s desired objectivity such proposals will not be analysed.

Coalition of residents and business associations (Corba)

Individual residents and business operators form the core constituency of the City and are therefore its principal stakeholders. CoRBA is an alliance of resident and business interests throughout the municipality that have joined forces with the primary purpose of lobbying for electoral reform. Due to the difficulty of gaining an accurate reflection of perspectives through small-scale individual consultations, CoRBA was interviewed as an alternative with the idea of it acting as a potential aggregator of opinions.

To read the full report  City of Melbourne Report   (requires Adobe Reader)