CoRBA members are concerned that the State Government has increasingly eroded the capacity of Council to administer planning regulations and guidelines properly.

CoRBA Members argue that ordinary citizens have a role in planning and that residential and businesses in the CoM be involved in planning matters. We argue that further reform to the role and function of VCAT is required to restore its task of providing a forum for ordinary citizens to appeal against development decision without incurring prohibitive costs.

CoRBA members are alarmed at the lack of forward and comprehensive planning in our municipality, which is the basis of so many ludicrous developments. In other words reconcile the various planning frameworks supposedly guiding our future.

For example, developments over 25,000 are controlled by the State Government. Council and constituents have no say at all and in Docklands residents have do not have any say at all in any developments.

CoRBA notes that the State government has, to an extent acknowledged the need to attempt to alleviate community agitation in relation to planning demarcation disputes with the Council. A new joint State Government/City of Melbourne planning body has been appointed .The interim Central City Standing Advisory Committee will have as members 4 State bureaucrats, 1 Council officer and 2 elected Councillors who will now evaluate projects in excess of $25, 000 square metres. (May 30 2010)

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