CoRBA members maintain a watching brief on transport issues which arise in our City. We have diverse and serious concerns about the way in which Transport issues all kinds are managed in our City: Road, Rail, Tram, Freight, Cycle – and the related issues of parking and pedestrian amenity

What CoRBA members do share is a growing alarm at the decline of liveability- residential amenity, business viability and a lack of coherent planning strategy.

We are alarmed at the:

  1. Growing traffic tangle and the congestion in our municipality.

  2. State Government intention to dissect our municipality with freeways

  3. Unequivocal support for the uneconomic Westlink plan.

  4. Absence of genuine community consultation for both residents and business

  5. Disregard for the well-being of rate payers

  6. Degradation of our air quality

Recommendations from the Eddington Report (date CITE link) pointed to a disastrous future for inner Melbourne emanating from traffic congestion. Research indicates no credible evidence for a freeway/roads solution to Melbourne transport issues. The destination of 80% of all traffic on the Eastern Freeway and East link is the inner City. Similar statistics would apply to the South Eastern. West Gate is choked most of the time.

The disbanding of the western section of the EastWest link through Royal Park was welcomed by community.

CoRBA recommends that all citizens interested/concerned about transport issues consult the following websites:

  1. GAMUT (Australian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport)

  2. Melbourne Transport Forum

  3. Public Transport Users Association

CoRBA is committed to supporting public transport infrastructure and in particular MELBOURNE METRO.

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