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Election Reform 2019

Representatives of Corba are meeting with the adviser to the Special Minister for State (Gavin Jennings) and we recently met with the Minister for Local Government (Adem Somyurek) to discuss our concerns regarding local government reform in general and the City of Melbourne in particular. The meeting went well and the Minister was attentive to our concerns. Attached is the …

Call to Parties

FMC meeting on 19/03/2019 Agenda Item7 was a “Call to Parties”.  Council adopted our Call To Parties on Tuesday night this week, including advocacy on aircraft noise over inner Melbourne.  

OAM awarded to Cr Jackie Watts

Corba congratulates Councillor Jackie Watts on being awarded an OAM for service to the community. The Order of Australia is the principal means of recognising outstanding members of the community at a national level and nominations are encouraged from all members of the Australian public. The Order of Australia was established in 1975 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Prior …

Ellen Sandell re-elected 2018

Congratulations to Ellen Sandell, our member for Melbourne in the Victorian Parliament who has been re-elected in the 2018 Victorian state election.  


Please don’t ever let this happen to our UNESCO World Heritage Royal Exhibition Building…. Good on the Architects for having their say. The crux of the matter is “Does this affect World Heritage values and the answer is “Yes”  

Victoria changes Political Donation rules

The Victorian Government has taken a step towards Democracy by making changes to the political donations regime. This does not apply to Local Govt. as some might have hoped.

Meet the Candidates 2018

The Carlton “Meet the Candidates “ event 23/04/2018 The Southbank “Meet the Candidates” event 26/04/2018 broadcast through Facebook live

Local Government

“Local Government …we join Minister Hutchins in congratulating the residents of Geelong…. perhaps residents of Melbourne too, can have their historic day soon?

The 11th Councillor

The twists and turns of the saga of the missing 11th MCC Councillor continues to unfold with suggestions of influence, irregularity, contrivance and some charges laid”. Surely Government can learn from this nonsense…or can it? Very little change from the Local Government Act (LGA) 1989 in the much publicised Review of the Local Government Act 2015    

City of Melbourne


The Victorian Ombudsman has released its review of the Transparency of Local Government Decision making. This coincides with MCC’s Special Council Meeting into the city’s Councillor Code of Conduct, December 2016. Will CoM evaluate and advise MCC as to best practice following the Ombudsman’s recommendations? What of excessive and inappropriate use of “confidential” agenda items, unrecorded and un-minuted councillor-only meetings, …

Melbourne City Council

MCC Elections – are you enrolled to vote?

Are you new to the City of Melbourne, have turned 18, or have not thought of enrolling in the past, then it’s time to think about enrolling! It is important to actually be able to vote when the ballot papers arrive.

Robert Doyle campaign contributions

2016 City of Melbourne Council Elections – jostling already? “Limit the term of office of the Lord Mayor” says CoRBA

CoRBA’s position as stated in its submission to the Local Government Act review 2015, page 14 is: “CoRBA recommends that a person should be restricted to not more than two consecutive terms as Lord Mayor. This is to curb the potential for a monopoly on the office, whereby a person effectively becomes ‘Lord Mayor for Life’. Our proposal refers to …

ban developer donations

Ban developer donations to political parties? CoRBA’s position.

CoRBA’s official position on a ban on developer donations to political parties, as reflected in our submission to the 2013 Local Government Review is:   ‘It is CoRBA’s view that it is unfair and simplistic to ban donations from a particular class of corporate donor, such as property developers (who are no more or less inclined than any other business …


The recently published ERRN LG Research Group, Melbourne Democracy Report discusses many issues relevant to CoRBA members. Read the report here: Melbourne Democracy Report

Melbourne election boundaries

Local Government Democracy Reform

A gerrymander in the CoM delivers businesses two votes while residents have one. CoRBA has waged a decade long struggle to address this injustice. In 2014, the Baillieu/Napthine Government finally undertook a review of electoral processes for local government elections- including the CoM.  This was a major and momentous victory for CoRBA. This document, the Georgiou Review, recommended many necessary …

Melbourne municipality

Municipal Strategic Statement

The Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) has been of ongoing concern. Residential zoning, 25,000s.m cut off point for ministerial referral, high VCAT fees, number of high towers and overshadowing. Population densification without regard to infrastructure is a continuing concern. Of particular concern, which links planning, good governance with electoral reform is the fact that a planning application may see several councillors …

Melbourne 2014

CoRBA’s 2014 achievements

LOCAL GOVERNMENT DEMOCRACY – electoral reform in the COM A gerrymander in the CoM delivers businesses with two votes and residents with one. CoRBA has waged a decade long struggle to address this injustice. In 2014 the Baillieu/Napthine Government finally undertook a review of electoral processes for local govt. elections- including the CoM.  This was a major and momentous victory …

Melbourne rooftops

Local Government Reform

CoRBA’s submission deals primarily with matters concerning the municipality of the City of Melbourne, although some matters could be extrapolated to other councils. The CoM is the only Victorian municipality governed by its own Act, City of Melbourne Act 2001, as well as the Local Government Act 1989. It is our objective to identify problems in CoM electoral practises, and …

melbourne inner city

Vic Government promises electoral reform

The first ever comprehensive review of Victoria’s local government electoral system was today announced by Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell. Mrs Powell said the aim of the review is to deliver strong and effective local democracy and ensure councils continue to be responsible and accountable to their local communities across Victoria. “All Victorians should have faith in the system …

melbourne race

The Race for Melbourne – Candidate list 2012

Melbourne City Council 2012 Nominations Nominations to stand as a candidate for the Melbourne City Council 2012 by-election closed at 12 noon on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. The following Below is a complete list of candidates in ballot paper order.  Leadership Team (1 team to be elected) FORWARD TOGETHER RANKIN, Keith Lord Mayor HAN, Grace Deputy Lord Mayor Contact details  …

people of melbourne

CoRBA Candidates Questionnaire

CORBA  – Melbourne (Coalition of Resident & Business Associations) brings together many diverse community groups to allow constituents to discuss key issues of shared concern across the entire municipality. A primary focus of CoRBA – Melbourne is to bring about electoral reform and a return to equitable representation to the City of Melbourne. CoRBA members would like to understand the …

melbourne election dates 2012

City of Melbourne Elections – Key Dates

Community and Candidate Information Session, hosted by City of Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Local Governance Association 22 August, 2012 commencing 6pm Candidate Information Sessions conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission 17 September, commencing 7pm Exhibition roll period Close of enrollment 19 September, commencing 12.30pm Opening of the Returning Officer’s Office located on Ground Floor, Town Hall Administration Building, …

melbourne interior

Melbourne District By-election Candidates

Candidates are listed in the order in which they will appear on the Lower House ballot paper for Melbourne District. indicates registration of one or more how-to-vote cards. Registered how-to-vote cards can be inspected at the Victorian Electoral Commission at Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne. Fore full details of the Candidates, click here

Oke Kannis Candidates

Questions for Melbourne’s Candidates

from THE AGE  by Gary Tippet Labor’s Jennifer Kanis, 42, lawyer and City of Melbourne councillor. Married with one child, has lived in Flemington and  Kensington for 15 years. What is the biggest issue for the voters of Melbourne in this byelection? I’ve spent the last seven weeks talking to the people of Melbourne and the biggest issue that comes …

melbourne city

Enrolling to vote in City of Melbourne

Who can vote? How do I get on the voters’ roll? What happens if I have several entitlements? Your privacy – your details on the roll What if I don’t vote? Elections for the Melbourne City Council will be held by postal ballot in late October 2012. To be eligible to vote in the Melbourne City Council elections you must …


Voter Definition Slammed by Cr Jackie Watts

Melbourne councillor Jackie Watts is crying foul over a decision last month by Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell to formally grant municipal voting rights to new residents of one month or more. Cr Watts believes the practice further disadvantages residential voters against the dominant voice of business interests in City of Melbourne elections. Cr Watts said: “It is a disingenuous …

melbournes population

Voting Rights in the City of Melbourne

Victorian Parliament has passed legislation clarifying the eligibility of residents within the City of Melbourne to apply for enrolment in City of Melbourne elections. Under the City of Melbourne Act residents who are not entitled to be enrolled on the State roll, such as foreign nationals, are eligible to enroll to vote in City of Melbourne elections. The City of …

police in melbourne

Melbourne Electoral Review 2012

The Electoral System Review sought to evaluate the appropriateness and feasibility of implementing a procedure to review the City of Melbourne‘s electoral system. Stakeholder Opinions The term City of Melbourne stakeholder is expansive and subjective, and consideration had to be given to parties’ accessibility in terms of conducting research Stakeholders include the views of competing parties that have the potential …

City of Melbourne Electoral Review

City of Melbourne Electoral Review – Background

City of Melbourne Electoral Representational Review – Backgrounder After a long CoRBA campaign to achieve electoral reform in the City of Melbourne, we are finally to have our first Electoral Representation Review (ERR). The ERR aims to ensure that there is fair and equitable representation in the City of Melbourne. Now let’s tell the government what we want! We encourage all residents …

migrants in the city of melbourne and the electoral process

Ken Ong Claims Voter Review Bans Migrants

CHRIS HINGSTON Fairfax Media MELBOURNE City councillor Ken Ong has questioned the motivation behind a push to broaden electoral reform in the municipality. Cr Ong said he had “serious concerns” about one of the proposed changes, which he claims would discriminate against overseas residents. In a rare move, Cr Ong last week made a personal statement to the Future Melbourne …

melbourne docklands at night

Electoral Reform Racist?

Ken Ong claims voter review bans migrants MELBOURNE City councillor Ken Ong has questioned the motivation behind a push to broaden electoral reform in the  municipality. Cr Ong said he had “serious concerns” about one of the proposed changes, which he claims would discriminate against overseas residents. In a rare move, Cr Ong last week made a personal statement to …

electoral reform in Melbourne

CoRBA Electoral Reform Submission

CoRBA Submission to Council  (Click here to view the Submission) – •The Motion passed February 22, 2011: •Then the  amended  much stronger and more specific Motion as requested by CoRBA 7.1 Notice of Motion: Electoral Review, City of Melbourne The purpose of this notice of motion was to recommend an electoral review of the City of Melbourne. Moved: Cr Oke …

Who cares, and doesn’t, about Inner Melbourne

CoRBA, representing 19 community and business groups identified key issues of concern to the 90,000 residents, ratepayers and business groups in the City of Melbourne. CoRBA then distributed the 2010 CoRBA State Election survey to all Candidates in the 5 relevant electoral Districts. Candidate responses are included in this file: CoRBA State Election Survey summary 24Nov10   (49Kb) or on this …

inner Melbourne streetscape

Melbourne’s Residents & Businesses quiz Candidates

More than 90,000 residents and business owners in the City of Melbourne are questioning the values and policies of the candidates standing in the up-coming State election, due on November 27, 2010. Residents and business owners in the City of Melbourne have been significantly disenfranchised by successive changes in Federal, State and local government laws over the past twenty years. …

Inner Melbourne

CoRBA Federal Election Candidates Survey

CoRBA Federal Election Candidates Survey All candidates in the Federal electorates of Melbourne and Melbourne Ports were, via an online survey, asked a set of questions about issues of local concern but where the Federal Government could play a role.   Only two candidates (one in each electorate) completed the survey. Their answers are included in this file: 2010 Federal Election Candidate …