Membership is open to all resident and business organisations in Melbourne. We welcome any interested community group to join CoRBA.

Carlton Residents Association Inc.

The Carlton Residents Association is a democratic, non-party political body. Its purpose is to act as an advocate of the residents of Carlton (defined by postcode 3053) and those who wish to preserve all that is good about Carlton.


    President: Ivana Csar
    Committee: Lester Levinson
   03 349 3615
    email Ivana Csar
    email Lester Levinson
   PO Box 1140 CARLTON 3053

The Carlton Residents Association is a democratic, non-party political body. Its purpose is to act as an advocate of the residents of Carlton (defined by postcode 3053) and those who wish to preserve all that is good about Carlton. CRA represents your views at community level, and to government.

CRA has many members from all over Carlton, including “Friends of Carlton” members living outside Carlton and sponsors who support our purposes. We welcome new members, since we aim to be as representative and inclusive as possible. Membership is not restricted to residents living in heritage houses. All residents are warmly welcomed.

CRA provides opportunities to meet others in the neighbourhood and participate in the Carlton community. Quarterly general meetings are held with interesting guest speakers on a range of topics.

Historically the CRA has been a strong force for the good in Carlton. In the absence of Ward Councillors, the CRA holds ‘the line’ on matters which concern us all.

Collins Street Precinct

Promoting Collins Street


   President: Mary Poulakis | Coordinator: Tracey Davis
   03 9639 4078
   email Mary Poulakis | email Tracey Davis
   Collins Street Precinct, Mezzanine Level, 100 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE 3000

To promote Collins Street as part of the City of Melbourne for the benefit of owners and occupiers of properties and the operators of businesses within the defined Collins Street Precinct, with a view to maintaining and promoting Collins Streets unique image and position as the Premier Capital City thoroughfare. Furthermore to acknowledge the unique business, cultural and religious mix of Collins Street.

Docklands Chamber of Commerce

The Docklands Chamber of Commerce is a group of local business people looking after the needs of local businesses.


   PO Box 23028 DOCKLANDS 8012

The Chamber shamelessly promotes business of Docklands: through advertising, networking and Business-to-Business promotions, acting primarily on behalf of our members.

Together, the Docklands Chamber of Commerce is a strong voice for members, representing YOUR business needs.

Docklands Chamber of Commerce listens to business and is the voice heard by the business and Government sectors. The Chamber has the ability to influence representatives of state or local governments, working with key stakeholders to ensure the issues driving economic activity and growth in the Docklands precinct are prioritised on the political agenda.

Docklands Community Association

Community group in Docklands


   Roger Gardner
   email Roger Gardner
   17 Waterview Walk, DOCKLANDS VIC 3008

Membership of the Docklands Community Association is available to all residents in Docklands.
The aim of the Docklands Community Association is to develop and promote a sense of community and a quality lifestyle for Docklands residents.

Docklands Community Association – Statement of Purpose
1. Taking a proactive role in developing and maintaining community infrastructure in Docklands.
2. To advocate on particular issues of concern to Docklands residents.
3. To be a forum for community decision-making and give fair and balanced community representation on issues pertaining to Docklands residents.
4. To create opportunities to celebrate the life of the community.
5. To foster links between individuals with common interests and concerns.
6. To be a conduit for the sharing of information.

East Melbourne Group

The East Melbourne Group work to preeserve, protect and improve East Melbourne.


   Ian Mitchell
   email Ian Mitchell
   52 Powlett Street, EAST MELBOURNE 3002

The area of East Melbourne and Jolimont is located to the east of the Melbourne Central Business District. Predominately a residential area, East Melbourne has been identified as having architectural and historic significance and is one of the most intact areas of the 19th century Victorian era. Through the efforts of the committee and the sub-committees, the EMG works to preserve, protect and improve:

‣East Melbourne’s residential character and amenity

‣Heritage qualities and historic buildings

‣Boulevards, streets, laneways, streetscapes, views and vistas, and

‣Public parks, gardens, median strips and significant trees.

East Enders Inc

Community group


   President: Jennifer Eltham
    03 9663 8570
   email Jennifer Eltham
   PO Box 225, CARLTON SOUTH 3053

EastEnders covers the area bounded by Bourke, Spring, Latrobe and Swanston Streets.

Flemington Association


   Stephen Axford
   email Stephen Axford
   PO BOX 509, Flemington 3031
   GPO Box 1334, MELBOURNE 3001

Hardware Precinct Residents & Tenants Association

c/o Residents 3000 Inc.


   Contacts: Greg Branson
   email Greg Branson
   3/362 Lt Bourke Street MELBOURNE

Hardware Precinct covers the area between Queen, Bourke, Elizabeth and Latrobe Streets

Hosier Inc


   Richard Butcher
   email Richard Butcher
   Level 2, 165 Flinders Lane, MELBOURNE 3000

Kensington Association

The Kensington Association is a residents’ action and support group based on the suburb of Kensington in Melbourne’s inner north west.


   Rilke Muir
   email Kensington Association
   PO Box 1208, KENSINGTON 3031

Its purposes are to:

‣Initiate and, where necessary, implement action which will assists the retention, integration, development and advancement of the social, cultural and community infrastructure, business activity and residents’ interests of Kensington.

‣Initiate and, where necessary, implement action which will assist in the protection and enhancement of the built and natural environment of Kensington.

‣Encourage such activities as are likely to help the people of Kensington to become constructively involved in matters affecting their life and work.

‣Provide effective means of approaching Municipal, State and Federal governments & other public authorities & instrumentalities.

‣Uphold the democratic process and the accountability of government and public authorities and instrumentalities.

‣Cooperate with others, both within and outside Kensington, who have similar interests and objectives.

Accordingly, the Association should do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these aims and objectives which are within its powers.

Melbourne South Yarra Group


   Philip Lukies
   email Phillip Lukies
   PO Box 3050, SOUTH YARRA 3141

North & West Melbourne Association Inc

For people who live and work in North and West Melbourne.


   Bill Cook and Kevin Chamberlin
    03 9329 9775 or 0419 540 589
   email Bill Cook | email Kevin Chamberlin
   PO Box 102, NORTH MELBOURNE 3051

The North & West Melbourne Association was founded in 1967 to work towards a better community: ensuring strategic and statutory planning meet local goals, protecting heritage buildings and streetscapes, improving parks, gardens, open spaces and the environment, improving community facilities, taking up social issues and protecting the local area from through commuter and truck traffic.

Members of the Association work on these issues at local and government levels.

Parkville Association Inc

The Parkville Association is a community organisation which aims to bring together and support the interests of all who live or work within postcode 3052.


   President: Robert Moore
   email the President
   PO Box 54, PARKVILLE 3052

The aims of the Parkville Association as stated in its constitution are to:

‣Initiate and take action to assist the integration, development and advancement of the communal well-being of Parkville, especially its residents,

‣Preserve the fabric and amenity of Parkville,

‣Provide effective means of approaching public authorities in the interests of Parkville.

Parkville Gardens Residents Association

Parkville Community Group.


   President: Ian Aitken
   Secretary: Tom Knowles
   email the parkville gardens residents association
   c/o 2/67 Galada Avenue, PARKVILLE, 3052

Have you got a story or information to share with other Parkville Gardens members? Stories about cost effective ways of improving your property and examples of improving the environmental performance and energy efficiency of your home; or discuss issues or promote an upcoming event

Residents 3000 Inc

Residents 3000 is an association of residents in the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne, the Capital City of Victoria, Australia.


   President :Rafael Camillo
    0417 549 493
   email Rafael Camillo
   PO Box 197 Flinders Lane Post Office MELBOURNE 8009

Our name comes from our postcode – 3000. Our aim is to promote the wellbeing, amenity and environment of CBD residents. We consult with City Council, other levels of government and with local businesses. We try to inform and assist city dwellers with their local issues and bring them together through our website, events and activities.

Southbank Residents Association Inc

A residents association in Southbank.


   Tony Penna
   email Tony Penna
   PO Box 1195, SOUTH MELBOURNE 3205

The purpose of the Southbank Residents Association, as a democratic, non-party political body, is to act as an advocate of the residents of Southbank (being the residents of the area defined by postcode 3006), and to represent their views at community, local government, state government and federal government levels.

The Pasley Streets Precinct Group


   Jan Armstrong-Conn
   email Jan Armstrong-Conn
   86 Pasley Street, SOUTH YARRA 3141

Wilkinson Publishing


   Michael Wilkinson
   email Michael Wilkinson
   Level 4, Alcaston House, 2 Collins Street, MELBOURNE 3000

Yarra Park Association


   Nik Dow
   email Nik Dow
   Level 6, 165 Flinders Lane, MELBOURNE 3000

Yarra Park [35.469 hectares] is part of the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct – the premier sporting precinct of Victoria. Located in Yarra Park is the Melbourne Cricket Ground and numerous sporting fields and ovals, including the associated sporting complexes of Melbourne & Olympic Parks. The park and sporting facilities are located in the inner-suburb of East Melbourne. In September 2009, the State Government, with Liberal backing, gave control of the park to the Melbourne Cricket Club and approved carparking. This usage causes degradation. The YPG seeks to arrest this.