About CoRBA Melbourne

CoRBA (Coalition of Resident & Business Associations) represents community and business groups in the City of Melbourne.

The main purpose in forming CoRBA was to bring democracy, equitable representation and good governance to the City of Melbourne. Although CoRBA members do not always share specific concerns, there is much in relation to current and future operations of concern to us all.


In mid-2007, resident and business groups in the City of Melbourne were seriously concerned about the governance and management of the City. These groups believed that the State Government and Melbourne Council did not adequately or equitably represent, nor even take note or take into account the views of the local community. They recognised that in a capital city like Melbourne, circumstances sometimes arise which require exceptional procedures, but not at the marginalisation of residents and business ratepayers.

Responding to this, CoRBA-Melbourne, a coalition of resident and business groups was formed to raise issues of concern with the relevant authorities.

One trigger for starting CoRBA was the State Government’s refusal to allow electoral and structural reform within the City. This was understood by the community as a denial of our democratic rights. With the 2008 election looming, the group wanted action.


The residents and ratepayers in Melbourne are unique in the State in being without fair and equitable local Government representation. Unlike all other Victorian municipalities, the City of Melbourne Act means there is no provision for a periodic review of the electoral system. Our governance is flawed and vulnerable to fraud and this has been so over successive elections.

The State Government remains intransigent on the over-due reform of the governance of our Council, and has repeatedly ignored the wishes of Council and the community to review our democratic rights .


CoRBA-Melbourne meets 4 meetings per year usually February, May, August and November at the Melbourne Town Hall to monitor and address issues in our community. We welcome any interested community group to join CoRBA.

CoRBA Melbourne calls for:

  1. Review of the Council electoral system

  2. Genuine community consultation with our Council

  3. Forums at which the community can raise, discuss and speak on issues of shared concern.

  4. The Council to effectively and inclusively disseminate information about decision making and processes


At the 2012 Council Election, CoRBA:

  1. Had a strategy to ensure key matters of concern were raised with candidates

  2. Interviewed all candidates and made public their responses

  3. Conducted a ‘Candidates Expo’ to allow the community to meet candidates face to face.

  4. Successfully lobbied each candidate to immediately call on State Government to convene an electoral review.

CoRBA succeeded in:

  1. Promoting public Safety in the CBD by having the Liquor Licensing authority advise the community of liquor license applications on their website.

  2. Lobbying the Council for an increase of community representation on the Parks & Gardens advisory group.

  3. Moving Council to act on their pre-election promise to CoRBA to call for electoral review, but Richard Wynne, the Minister for Local Government rejected this call without justification.