OAM awarded to Cr Jackie Watts

Councillor Jackie Watts
Councillor Jackie Watts

Corba congratulates Councillor Jackie Watts on being awarded an OAM for service to the community.

The Order of Australia is the principal means of recognising outstanding members of the community at a national level and nominations are encouraged from all members of the Australian public. The Order of Australia was established in 1975 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Prior to 1975 Australians were recognised under the British honours system, also known as Imperial awards.

To be awarded an Order of Australia, a nominee has to have:

  • demonstrated achievement at a high level
  • made a contribution over and above what might be reasonably expected through paid employment, or
  • made a voluntary contribution to the community which stands out from other volunteers.

The purpose of the Order of Australia is to recognise, by national honour, those who have made outstanding contributions that benefit their communities, and ultimately our country.

The Order of Australia is that it serves to define, encourage and reinforce community standards, national aspirations and ideals by acknowledging actions and achievement and thereby identifying role models at all levels and in all spheres of the community.

While endeavour may have been sustained over many years, in essence, membership of the Order of Australia is not an award for long service but for outstanding service.


For service to local government, and to the community of Melbourne.

Local Government City of Melbourne

  • Councillor, since 2011
  • Chair, Knowledge City Portfolio.
  • Deputy Chair, People City Portfolio.

Other service includes

  • Volunteer Advocate, Independent Third Person Program and Prison Disciplinary Program, Office of the Public Advocate, 2009-2012.
  • Coordinator, Coalition of Residents and Business Associations, 2007.
  • Executive Director, VISTA, 2000.